Thursday, April 17, 2008

MinutesMaid - Cool Creative

i've got this very cool creative link from a client today and wanna share with everyone -

this expandable skyscraper uses a Flash script that "catches" the window event to capture the positioning of the page, to trigger the "squeeze".

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Post-Event Conversion: Spotlight for Rich Media

Advertisers might be familiar with Spotlight to track post-click and post-impression conversions already. As Rich Media has evolved to become an effective way to interact with audience, it's important to also understand the real effectiveness of rich media creative, and to gain insights such as:
- What creative attributes are working?
- How do I justify the costs of incremental rich media spend?
- What are the underlying influences on consumer behaviour?

Spotlight for Rich Media is designed to provide you with actionable insight into the performance of rich media creatives. This powerful report will help you answer:
- Monitor conversion rates for multiple click-thru links and update creatives to promote the link that’s driving the most value
- Estimate the real dollar return of different types of video
- Calculate the direct revenue effect of aggressive implementations like mouse-over-to-expand and auto-expand versus conservative approaches like click-to-expand
- Measure how individual features within a rich media ad correlate to conversions so you can promote more of what works

DoubleClick In-Stream

DoubleClick In-Stream is here!

DoubleClick In-Stream

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ford Focus - Gaming Banner

gaming banners are effective. Flash formats really allows endless interactive opportunities. you can do drawings, chatting, quizzes, puzzles, or games (like this one above). these interactive elements encourages strong interaction with the brand and/or productss. most importantly, it makes your ad fun!

HD Video - a new feature of DC Rich Media & Video!

everyone is talking HD. we've HDTV, HD broadcast, now even video ads come with HD. with this new codec from Adobe, we're able to deliver HD or DVD quality video to ad banners without degradation of quality or excessive download times. sure this new feature is gonna attract those high-qualitied advertisers.

Carat/KFC - Cool Creative

a very good execution connecting to the print pool to print a coupon. great call for action. again, no need for the users to click through to destination. cool one!

MindShare/PCCW - Cool Creative

this is the first Orignal Video to be used in APAC.