Thursday, October 23, 2008

DoubleClick Creative Insights on Rich Media Report is Out!

This report details everything that aggregate ad serving data can tell you about click-through rate, interaction rate, interaction time, expansion rate, expansion time and video complete rate. Each of these metrics can be used as an indicator of success for your rich media campaigns.

In each section, we'll focus on a specific metric of success. We'll show you how the choice of ad format and creative size can affect campaign performance. We'll end each section with industry benchmarks and advice on how to compare your campaign's performance to that of other advertisers in the same industry vertical. (PDF: 476K)

oct 16, 2008 - ADMA conference "Q&A"

At the ADMA Conference 2008 in Hong Kong, Andrew Wong, DoubleClick, Ross McNab, Eyeblaster, William Lai, Microsoft Advertising took the floor for the Q&A session.

oct 16, 2008 - ADMA conference 08 "why rich media"

At the ADMA Conference 2008 in Hong Kong, 
Andrew Wong, DoubleClick, and Ross McNab, Eyeblaster talked about why advertisers should be using more rich media online advertising.

reply to discussion board on Rich Media APAC fb group


i don't think the old way of advertising has gone wrong. it's just the way we connect with each other has changed, and so does the way we communicate or get information about the products/services that we consume. the Internet created this virtual platform where we can gather info and share info (web2.0) so easily, that what i say about something i'm using now matters to others in other parts of the world. especially now we're talking about the global economy for most brands. so i'd say CGA is a result of this Internet evolution and it will become a very effective form of advertising moving forward in this new web2.0 or x.0 age.