Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Building Brands in the Economy Downturn

Consumers are no longer being told what to believe in, they're now in control. They share what the think, they spread their comments around through different means of social networks. Be it online, offline, mobile, they're the one shaping your brands.

Cost effective way of reaching them is by tabbing into their world. Widgets help brands reach direct response and branding goals by making it possible to exchange valuable content for a space on audience members' personal social networking page or blog. 

Look around the social networks. Widgets are everywhere. Any brand can tap into this widget trend with branded content and applications that people like. For example, automotive Widget Ads can let buyers show pride in their purchase. Entertainment Widget Ads can let people share their viewing passions. 

Let me know your thoughts and let's share in ways to achieve better result for your brands in 2009!