Friday, January 29, 2010

Why Most Digital Ads Still Fail to Work, by Philip W. Sawyer

This is an interesting, yet so true, article on AdAge by Philip W. Sawyer. He claimed that the reason why most digital ads still don't work, digital medium isn't to blame. The problem are due to creative efforts that do not suit the medium and refusal to employ research tools that can identify creative problems and how to fix them.

He went on listing the seven mistakes that research tells us we're making today:
1. They are too complex
2. They take too long to get to the point
3. They are ambiguous
4. They are visually bland - or, worse, ugly
5. They use Flash for the sake of Flash - not for a clear purpose
6. They are often difficult, if not impossible, to read
7. They are bereft of benefit statements


This is why it's important to employ web analytics, optimization tools, and targeting technologies to understand the real effectiveness of your creative and campaign. And ultimately making a move to improve them.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

語癌? - McDonald 2010 CNY Commercial

快高長大 or 快睪丸大? 八寶進袋 or 八寶春袋??

But I've to say, the kids are so cute and adorable :)

iPad Hands On by TechCrunch

this is just plain cool! could be the gadget of the year!

Here's the detailed tech specs of the iPad -

Apple: iPad

Apple iPad: myth no more!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best HIV Commercial!!

My friend sent me this, again viral video outside of its country, HIV commercial video:

This is just too creative and brilliant! When it comes to a positive message like this, can we not let the old-fashioned thinking be the barrier of creativity?

Nexus One - Ninja's Unboxing

Speaking of Viral Video and Social Marketing in my previous blogpost, found this excellent video (stop-motion again) from friends passing around on Facebook.

This is cool, hip, and most of all, very viral-able. For those who're looking to create a viral video, this is a good benchmark. Only videos like this will attract people to share it with their network of friends.

Government and House Ads Dominating MTR Ad Space?

I was being told yesterday that most (if not, half) of the Hong Kong MTR ad slots are occupied by Government ads and MTR house ads. So this morning I took the MTR and experience myself. Interestingly, my friend is right. Immediately walking into the station and up the escalator, 4 out of 10 of the side ads are government ads and MTR house ads.

and then walking into the platform, again 4 out of 10 billboards across the rail track are MTR ads, Government ads, and few Charity, NGO related ads.
makes you wonder, where have all the main stream advertisers gone? my assumptions:
- it's January, time of year that's most quiet
- MTR has a commitment with the Government to reserve certain ad space for them
- economy hasn't really picked up yet
- all went to print or online (less likely...)

just an interesting observation that's all.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Simple Message - Help Haiti

A simple, yet powerful message: Help Haiti!

Direct, simple, powerful.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Social Marketing - from Creative Perspective

Last month I was speaking at Google's Social Marketing Event and I gave a presentation on Social Marketing - from the Creative Perspective. Here's the deck I've presented (of course taken out some sensitive stuff):

Six Concepts to Keep in Mind when doing a social marketing campaign:
1. Create ads that work as content
2. It's all about the dialogue/conversation
3. Ideas come from everywhere
4. Connect the dots
5. Outreach
6. Metrics matter

iPhone vs Nexus One

A lot of friends asked me which phone is better, the iPhone or Nexus One. I've decided to write this little blogpost (rather than a review) so to give a little personal opinion on the 2 smart phones.

I'm a huge fan of Apple, and I got my iPhone 3G (not 3Gs) in 2008 once it came available on the web (not cling to any mobile networks). And since I once worked at Google and I'm also a huge supporter of Google services, I got my Nexus One as my Christmas gift in 2009. I now use the Nexus One as my primary phone, but still have my iPhone in my backpack whereever I go.

OK, now let's get started:

If you use Apple computer and uses all the i- software such as iTunes, iPhoto - definitely iPhone!

If you use Google services heavily such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Gtalk, Google Latitude, etc. - definitely Nexus One!

What happens if you use both? That's me! I still prefer Nexus One since it gets you connected online simpler and faster.

Hold on, but there're still lots of iPhone users out there would disagree with me. Of course! Cos when it comes to multimedia and games, iPhone still outperforms Nexus One. So here's a little comparison I've made:

Email addict - Nexus One (or BlackBerry :)
Music addict - iPhone
Photo addict (taking photos, standard) - Nexus One
Photo addict (taking photos, enhanced functions i.e. polaroid, lomo) - iPhone
Photo addict (viewing photos sync with iPhoto) - iPhone
Photo addict (viewing photos sync with Picasa) - Nexus One
Photo addict (resolution conscious) - Nexus One
Video addict (shooting and editing) - iPhone
Video addict (viewing movies sync with iTunes) - iPhone
Video addict (YouTuber) - Nexus One (with HD video too)
Map addict - Nexus One (with Google Latitude too)
Games addict - iPhone
HK local info addict (Openrice, Cinema, etc) - iPhone
Traditional Chinese input - still iPhone for now but heard Nexus One will have it soon
Multitouch addict - iPhone
Background/Themes addict - Nexus One, though you can crack the iPhone and install themes
Facebook addict - Nexus One has a better Facebook contacts sync, but iPhone has a better Facebook app. For Nexus One users, you may try using the Browser

If you're all of the above, the truth is there's no perfect phone out there. Like me, I use the Nexus One for day to day connecting with the world (Phone, Email, FB, Tweets, etc) and keeping the iPhone for entertainment (Music and Games) and also a BlackBerry for work emails and chats.

So you decide!