Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hong Kong's 1st 3D Projection Mapping

You might still remember I've posted some very cool 3D projection mapping executions on my blog some time ago, and I've always envision this to happen in Hong Kong one day. Last Friday, I happened to be part of this history! Starcom brought the first 3D projection mapping in Hong Kong for Samsung!

With over 3 months of planning, the whole team really brought what we've been dreaming about to live. The night we saw the crowd gathered up around Hang Lung Centre, mobile phones held up taking pictures/videos, spectators all excited and talking, we knew this was a successful campaign already even before we got to see the actual execution.

The projection show turned out great, despite of the strong lighting around the vicinity. I know the venue was not ideal, but it's almost the best place you can find in Hong Kong with the natural crowd you get.

To draw more attention and traffic to the show, we have implemented a truly 360 degree integrated media plan, which included both offline and online media.

Viral videos were also introduced aiming at generating curiosity around what was set to happen.

I'm thrilled to be part of this!


  1. Hey Andrew - great show - did you use a HK based company for the graphics? We are working on a 3D Projection Mapping dance show - just interested to see who is doing this locally right now.

  2. Everything was channeled through POAD for this execution. I believe the production was local.