Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blogger is having Five New Views

Google is rolling out five dramatically new ways to view blog posts on Blogger.

Starting Thursday, visitors to Blogger-hosted blogs will discover new viewing options if they type “/view” at the end of a blog’s URL (e.g. Unlike traditional blog skins or themes though, these views dramatically alter the entire experience of reading a blog.

In their official blog post, Blogger says it’s about modernizing the UI and “really revolutionizing the blog consumption experience." The five new views utilizes HTML5 for dynamic viewing.

To that end, Google has launched five views that harness the power of new web standards:

Flipcard: This visual view places square photos side-by-side in neat little rows. Hovering over any photo reveals the name of the post, the date it was published and the number of comments it has. Flipcard has the unique option of reorganizing posts based on recency, date, label or author.

Mosaic: Mosaic takes the photos related to each blog post and turns them into a visual experience — a mosaic of photography. Hovering over any photo with the mouse increases the size of the image and displays the title of the post in question. Clicking it will open the post as part of the mosaic.

Snapshot: Snapshot turns blog photos into a Polaroid-esque scrapbook with the number of comments and the title of the blog post clearly visible. Hovering over a Polaroid displays a short snippet from the post.
Sidebar: Similar in some ways to Gawker‘s redesign, Sidebar creates a left-hand menu bar with all of a blog’s articles as well as their comment counts. Clicking on a title opens the article to the right.

Timeslide: This is a three-column layout that displays recent posts. The left column shows photos and short snippets from a blog’s most recent articles, while the middle column displays only summaries of less recent posts. The right-hand column is simply a list of titles of older articles. Timeslide essentially encompasses three different time periods and makes them accessible.

While Blogger is still one of the world’s largest blog networks, WordPress and Tumblr garner far more attention and have been more active launching new features and experimenting with new innovations. Google hasn’t made Blogger a priority in years, but the service is getting a major overhaul in 2011. These views are the first of many new features the company hopes will make Blogger the center of the blogging universe once again.


Google launches +1 to take on Facebook’s Like button

So where's Google Me, the much speculated Google social network? Today we learn a new term '+1'. It is essentially Google's version of the Facebook Like button, and its way of recommending content on the web.

Does +1 make sense? I still remember when I was with Google we use '+1' in emails when we agree to the topic of discussion, very much like 'me too'. But as compared to 'Like', personally I think there is still a big gap in terms of association with general users.

Well, time will tell whether we will all starting +1'ing. Any way, you still need to have a Google Profile to start +1'ing. That means Google is utilizing its Profile as the basis of its social networking. Through their Google profile users will be able to see all their +1's in one place as well as manage existing ones. That means they will also be able to delete those items they no longer want to recommend. Do we bother to unlike stuff?

Google says it will begin rolling out +1's, starting in English on Those who don't see +1's immediately will be able to opt-in on its experimental search site.

Google says that +1's will appear alongside search results and ads, but going forward they will appear in many more places including Google products and sites. So we might be seeing the +1 button on every YouTube video.

Here's the video that Google prepared to walk you through their new +1.

Congrats Starcom Beijing on winning the China Telecom business!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#starcomchinablog #jeffreytan wrote 'Would you pay RMB 10 million for this dog?' -
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

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A Hiring Ad on Facebook and the Talent Pool of the Advertising Industry

Last week I've put up a Social Ad on Facebook for SMG HK in an effort to attract talents joining the agency.

Result: out of the ~10,000 impressions in 5 days, there're 0 click!

I did narrow the targeting to certain interests and age. Still, it's either SMG isn't attractive to work at (not politically correct to say, *cough), or there are just no appropriate talents out there. I have to agree on the latter.

There was an Agency Roundtable organized by ADMA (for those who don't know, it's Asia Digital Marketing Association) two weeks ago, and the top executives from various advertising 4As agencies were discussing challenges and opportunities ahead for digital advertising. What surfaced up in a great deal among our conversations was the lack of talents in the industry!

We look at the Accounting industry and the 'Big Four' have been successful in attracting new talents every year. Sure they do have a certification process, which historically, made accountants a 'profession'. But the more I think about it and by talking with my friends working in Big Four, it's not just the certification, but also their understanding of what the industry can give them. They have a clear vision of their career paths!

These are just a couple of many recruitment ads/videos produced by one of the Big Four - KPMG. Pay attention to the messages they convey to the talents:

"we develop them to their highest potential"
"a place where professional and personal life matter"
From individual development to corporate responsibilities... don't they all sound familiar? Yes almost every companies say to same thing when they're to attract new talents.

Then I went on YouTube and try to search similar recruitment videos for advertising agencies and I can only find this one:

I have to say this is funny! But aside from the humor, does this sound like the TV show "Mad Men"? What about individual developments? Career paths? Reality of work vs personal lives? Corporate responsibilities? Nope, and this is actually how people perceive ad agencies - punch of cool good looking fellas play hard, drink hard, party all year long with celebs and famous sportsmen, and miraculously produce cool, award-winning works so they can party more...

I have to say, advertising agencies are very much like accounting and consulting firms. We are professionals who help our clients (same portfolio of clients as the accounting and consulting firms) with marketing and communications needs. Although our industry still lack the certification process, which I think we need, to recognize us as professionals, but the work we deliver is something not every one can do.

So if we combine the professionalism of our industry with the fun and coolness we portray, would our industry be much more attractive than others?

I hope we can start investing in recruiting new talents, every year, to the industry with a industry-aligned development program (or certification process if I'm not pushing the envelope too far :), and participating in University 'career days' and show them our version of recruitment videos (which I think we can do a much better job at since this IS what we do), and soon enough, when we put up a recruitment ad, we can achieve a more promising click-thru rate.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Samsung 3D TV innovative campaign on YouTube

This was the campaign launched in Amsterdam last year for Samsung 3D TV! Very innovative way of combining the already cutting-edge 3D projection on an old building wall video, with the interactive execution on YouTube brand channel!

Samsung 3D TV YouTube Brand Channel

The 3D Projection Mapping Video:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Blog

This is my professional blog, and consolidating my awOnline and awConnections. AWinreallife and Kiiken Production are still my video blog and amateur video showcase.

One of the reason why I'm starting this blog is that I found we can't archive all the posts on Facebook, and I would like to keep records of all the exciting things I wrote or caught my attention.