Saturday, July 16, 2011

Google+ Reaches 10 million Users in just 2 Weeks!

Google+, just two weeks old, has 10 million users, Google CEO Larry Page has confirmed.

Facebook, the world's leading social network at 750 million, took more than two years to reach 10 million. And it only got there after opening its network beyond college and high-school students. Twitter grew much more slowly and even now there is no official count of active users.

The launch of Google+ heats up the competition between Google and Facebook. TechnoBombs came up with this InfoGraph in comparing Google+ with Facebook side-by-side.

Remember that Google+ is still invitation-only. "Just imagine what would happen if Google opened the floodgates by promoting Plus on all its products," said Liz Gannes, of All Things Digital.

Interesting Fact: Mark Zuckerberg is the most followed person on Google+, with 44,871 followers. Zuckerberg hasn't posted anything publicly and in his profile says simply, "I make things."

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Brief Meeting with Laura Desmond

Earlier this week I was in Shanghai for our quarterly SMG North Asia G30 meeting, and it's our privilege to have Laura Desmond, Global CEO of SMG with us to share some of the global direction of SMG.

Listening to Laura's inspiring talk; understanding more of our human experience proof points; and one of the quotes "be the best formulation of our purpose you can be"; can really feel how SMG's vision is brought out from her.

Here to share, during a client meeting with Laura, on client's expectation on agency. The 1st character of each sentense combines "STARCOM" :)

Success of an agency depends upon that of its clients
Talent and teamwork make a difference, making clients happy
Analytics should play a bigger and better role
ROI is not only a science but also an art
Collaboration is required for any campaign to succeed
Optimization on effectiveness is more important than on efficiency
Mind-opening activities are always appreciated by clients

Win as One!

Friday, July 8, 2011